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VFX is our delight; we bring pioneering technology and top-notch creativity into play creating visuals that exceed your expectations. With great attention to detail, we make every effort to bring your fruits to fruition. You just have to say your dream and we’ll be competently working on it and helping you enjoy the distinct VFX effect.

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Feather VFX Studio Provide Services in Paris

Feather VFX studio high quality visual effects servises for both feature films and television series offering a flexible and cost effective service internationally. Based in Los Angeles with a state-of-the-art production operation in Paris. Feather staffs a team of 60 visual effects artists and serves as a partner to production companies in the US, Canada and the UK. We offer an interesting blend of creativity with professionalism and ecpertise of working on varied scale of productions.


Rotoscope Outsourcing Service in Paris

Rotoscoping is one of the oldest animation techniques still in use. In the early days of cinema, rotoscoping meant tracing over live action footage frame by frame for use in animated films. That way the animator could get very realistic movements by tracing over the actor in the scene. Think of it as the motion capture we use today.

In visual effects, the process, although similar, has a different purpose. Rotoscoping for VFX is used to create a matte or mask for an element, so it can be extracted out to place on a different background, masked out so colors can be changed, or any other set of reasons. It is more widely used than many realize. Rotoscoping gives filmmakers opportunities to produce scenes that would otherwise be difficult, expensive, dangerous, or impossible to film in real life.

Matchmove Outsourcing Service in Paris

Matchmoving, which is also referred to as motion tracking, is important for any VFX artist to understand. Without it there would be no way to incorporate 3D data into live action footage. With the advancements in software and the machines that run them, matchmoving has become more affordable and faster to accomplish. VFX is basically the integration of 3D elements into real-world footage.

To make this accurate and appear as if these 3D models are living alongside the actors, you need a virtual camera that moves exactly like the camera in the live action footage. This movement ensure anything that gets rendered out in 3D will be from the same angles as the live action footage at all times. This process of matching the movement of the live action footage with a virtual camera is called matchmoving, because you are trying to match the motions of the camera.

Rotomation VFX Outsourcing Service in Paris

Rotomation is a technique of animating a 3D element on top of the tracked motion picture footage, frame by frame to match an actor or an object in a live-action plate. It goes hand in hand with matchmove. For example, if you need to replace your actors with a CG double or a creature, we will matchmove your real actor on your plates. It is also a blend of other visual effect techniques ranging, on some level, from animation to rotoscoping—hence the hybrid name.

Rotomation can be a complicated procedure, and just like other VFX techniques, its successful completion can take a significant amount of time and human involvement. A rotomation procedure can vary greatly, depending on the needs of the scene. But generally, a procedure done well is based upon the assumption that the camera has been correctly matchmoved and fit into the set. One of the first tasks to do in this procedure is to establish the distance to the element you are rotomating and the camera. Other tasks following this chain procedure, which include among others, setting the initial pose, using non-linear animation techniques, analyzing the movement, and model editing.

Compositing VFX Outsourcing Service in Paris

Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. Live-action shooting for compositing is variously called "chroma key", "blue screen", "green screen" and other names.

Compositing seamlessly integrates digital assets with live-action footage to bring together the final shot of a film or game. Compositing is the final step of the VFX pipeline. A skilled Compositor layers together various elements in a way that makes them appear to naturally belong in the same space. To give you an example: a production company shoots a background (referred to as a plate) that contains a building up close and a cityscape behind. The Animator has animated a missile, and the Effects Artist has added smoke effects and an explosion with building destruction. Once this is all rendered out, the Compositor layers the missile, smoke, explosion and building destruction into the shot, using things like color correction and z-depth to bring it all together. Z-depth is basically a black and white representation of the depth of an object in a scene, and is very important in compositing 3D elements.

Digital Paint/Prep VFX Outsourcing Service in Paris

Digital paint-in of missing element or paint-out of unwanted elements and Cleaning up the backgrounds of live action-footage ready for the effects to be layered onto it by the compositor. The shots they work on, known as plates, either moving or still, don’t have foreground action or players included.

Digital paint-in of missing element or paint-out of unwanted elements and Cleaning up the backgrounds of live action-footage ready for the effects to be layered onto it by the compositor. The shots they work on, known as plates, either moving or still, don’t have foreground action or players included.

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