About Us

We offer smooth VFX services with the right amount of passion and innovation, with no compromise in quality.

Our Culture

VFX is our delight; we bring pioneering technology and top-notch creativity into play creating visuals that exceed your expectations. With great attention to detail, we make every effort to bring your fruits to fruition. You just have to say your dream and we’ll be competently working on it and helping you enjoy the distinct VFX effect.

Commitment is the key to our excellence and with high-end technological infrastructure available; we always have the drive to reach international standards. Quality is our drive to perform, with a keen eye on the project throughout its span; commitment, excellence, communication and outstanding delivery are etched into our DNA.

Our Mission

Our highly efficient, multidisciplinary enthusiastic professionals are critical to our business. It allows Feather VFX Studio to advance as a successful, benchmark business firm focusing on VFX activities and also development focusing mainly in USA, Canada, UK, European Countries and Asia Pacific. With our value-added services, best suited service packages, highly capable capabilities and our market experience, we stand unique among other competitors in this category.

This allows Feather VFX Studio to switch from a successful business standard to one of the big VFX operations such as Rotoscopy, Paint, Compositing, Matchmove and Animation.

Feather VFX Studio encourages personal and professional growth, consumer orientation, collaboration and creativity without losing sight of our dedication to sustainability. At the same time, by providing solutions that can fill the digital divide, we provide our clients with technical innovation and social and human advances.

Our Process

Feather makes you feel more proud of your business.

We offer smooth VFX services with the right amount of passion and innovation, with no compromise in quality.

Feather is committed to loftier professional standards for your sensitive Data & Information security. We respect and honor the trusting nature inherent in a professional relationship and in all respects and at all times remain rooted therein. The clear mechanisms of privacy are continually updated and restructured to ensure that they fully support the changing business climate andstandards. We are not only renowned for our quality of work, but also for maintaining the trust of our customers coupled with business interests and that is what we want to be.

We are proud to announce that we have adopted the content security best practices of Motion Picture Association of America, INC. (MPAA) by facility service, which outlines standard controls that help secure member content. We also introduced the best content security practices based on ISO 27001:2013, and are now licensed with their information security program with MPAA. We have a dedicated 1Gbps internet lease line for data communication with our customers.

We also have 100 Mbps secondary line for backup.

Dedicated Domain Security and File Storage Higher end machines for smooth workflow FTPS / SFTP paves the way for data security during file transfer 24 hours power backup so that no delays can be interrupted.

Physical Security

Door access controller CCTV surveillance is allowed for 24-hour on-site security guard Entrance, production area and data center mobile phones / electronic storage devices are absolutely prohibited in the production network.

Security Features

You can count on your project being completely secure and confidential throughout the entire production process. Our content security is audited by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). We are also authorized to receive content from MPAA — Paramount Pictures, Fox, HBO, NBCU, and Netflix.

We Keep our word
01 We are on time We have a sharp eye on the extend all through its span and work towards conveying ventures with a commitment on time, and take after a six-step venture approach.
02 We are Satisfactory That’s what drives us day by day. Because at Feather VFX we understand that creating the best image goes much further than delivering our best work to the best VFX studios in the world. Also, it is about creating better futures for all involved.
03 We are Experienced Feather Staff is a team of over 50 creative minds and acts as a partner to US, Canada, UK, Asia Pacific and European production companies. Our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional service and imaginative design concepts.